Youth Soccer Basic Gear For Training

kids playing soccerYouth Soccer Basic Gear Required For Training

Coordinating and holding a youth soccer training session can be a rewarding experience and a lot of fun. However, it is important to supply some basic gear that is required for youth soccer training.

1. Soccer Balls
While some children will want to use their own soccer balls, there will be children who may not own their own soccer ball or simply forget to bring their own ball, so it is important that you have a good supply of soccer balls for your training session.   If children do bring along their own soccer balls make it a standard that they must write their name on it in permanent market this will ensure there are no disagreements after the soccer training session is over as to whose soccer ball belongs to which child, especially if there are many soccer balls the same.

2. Shin Guards
It is important that shin guards are made available to avoid the risk of injury to your soccer players.  Young players are full of energy and you will want to minimise any possible injuries to those that may not own a pair of shin guards or forget to bring them to soccer training.

3. Whistle
Young children can be excitable and with lots of noise it may be hard to get their attention, a whistle in many cases may be the best way to gain their attention.

4. Team Colour Codes
You will need to separate your group into teams, one way is by having different coloured t-shirts, vests or bibs.  Soccer training has many drills that will require you to have multiple teams so you will need a way to identify the teams and so the children know who is on their team.

5. Water
It is important that a drink is provided for the children to keep them hydrated.  You could ask parents to supply them with a drink bottle that should be clearly identified with their name, otherwise paper cups will do.

Often teams will have a fund for these basic training gear so that the coach can keep all soccer gear together and children need not worry about bringing the above to their training session.  Not all parents can afford subs as well as the cost of soccer gear so some fundraising may be needed to keep the training gear full stocked.